List of Mind Spike The Uncategorized Rata

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  • Mind Spike: The Uncategorized RataMind Spike: The Uncategorized Rata
    Duration: 17:14
    The introduction of Heart of Thorns opened up new entry points to old mysteries, one of which was the mystery of the 

  • Mind SpikeMind Spike
    For a long time we've sought an answer as to what The All actually is, and what it represents, for the past, present and future of 

  • Mind Spike: Salvation PassMind Spike: Salvation Pass
    Duration: 21:05
    The plot thickens! It's time to uncover the story and secrets behind the newest raid wing Salvation Pass. I hope you guys like this 

  • Mind Spike: Scruffy's DeathMind Spike: Scruffy's Death
    Duration: 8:53
    Ever since the launch of Heart of Thorns people have been quite dismissive of Scruffy's demise, and so I figured I'd shed some 

  • Mind Spike: To Kill An Elder DragonMind Spike: To Kill An Elder Dragon
    Duration: 14:11
    Though the lore of this game is so extensive and have for the last 3 years focused around killing Elder Dragons, we in fact still do 

  • Mind Spike: Super Nostalgia BoxMind Spike: Super Nostalgia Box
    Duration: 13:29
    Let's take a dive into the past and talk about the Super Adventure Box and the, perhaps unwarranted, yet inherent community wide 

  • Mind Spike: The Fractal ConundrumMind Spike: The Fractal Conundrum
    Duration: 16:14
    Fractals of the Mists have, ever since it's launch, had numerous mysteries surrounding it. Let us investigate exactly what a fractal is 

  • Mind Spike: Spirit ValeMind Spike: Spirit Vale
    Duration: 11:44
    I've finally decided that it is time to spoil the story of the raid wing, Spirit Vale, for everyone! So let's dive into the tiny details 

  • Mind Spike: Success & FailureMind Spike: Success & Failure
    Duration: 11:22
    Let's talk a little bit about challenging group content, and the fact that some people don't actually want it to be a part of their game 

  • warframe: divine will: naramon mind spike makes razorback disappearwarframe: divine will: naramon mind spike makes razorback disappear
    Duration: 3:07
    Warframe Alert Divine Will 2 don't hack the bursa's and then hit mind spike naramon focus power and poof boss is gone . it also 

  • Is Budget Raiding Possible? (Exotic vs. Ascended Gear)Is Budget Raiding Possible? (Exotic vs. Ascended Gear)
    Duration: 40:38
    So my guild [KING] and I were challenged to complete the Spirit Vale raid with exotic gear, thus I figured I'd take the opportunity to 

  • Sealed off Room - Rata NovusSealed off Room - Rata Novus
    Duration: 0:24
    Found a sealed off room by void jumping a bit that would've let you gone further inside Rata Novus.

  • Weezer - Say It Ain't SoWeezer - Say It Ain't So
    Duration: 4:20
    Music video by Weezer performing Say It Ain't So. (C) 2004 Geffen Records.

  • Weezer - Pork And BeansWeezer - Pork And Beans
    Duration: 3:17
    Music video by Weezer performing Pork And Beans. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3023311. (C) 2008 DGC/Interscope 

  • Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2
    For about a week now we've had a project to kill Vale Guardian with 5 players. Since we're 5 players, we can share timed 

  • Giveaway!Giveaway!
    Duration: 3:34
    I little giveaway that I wanted to do for you all :) Happy new years! Till next time, I will see you in the mists! Or on twitter 

  • Guild Wars 2 HoT - Rata Novus Lore Questions for Zinn's Chest!Guild Wars 2 HoT - Rata Novus Lore Questions for Zinn's Chest!
    Duration: 2:27
    A guide to help those people less savvy in Guild Wars universe lore. It it possible that I don't have all questions that can appear, 

  • Tyrian Characterology, Ep3: TaimiTyrian Characterology, Ep3: Taimi
    Duration: 13:25
    In our quest to uncover the background stories of some of the most prominent characters from the world of Tyria, it's now time to 

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